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The analysis of LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite image data simulation using High Data Rate Modem
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LAPAN-A3/IPB is one of the satellite development programs from National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan)
Indonesia which was designed for specific experimental mission such as remote sensing, marine and fisheries research, land
cover and shipping monitoring using AIS as well, that were needed to observe the Indonesian territory. In order to simulate
LAPAN-A3/IPB line imager data acquisition using high data rate modulator and demodulator (HDRM), it is required two
independent simulation program. The background behind that was the data rate constraint. It took a large amount of CPU
resources to simulate 105 Mbps CCSDS packet data formation. So the simulation was divided into two parts, the first part will
simulate the 5 mbps CCSDS packet data formation and the second will simulate the 105 mbps pseudo random binary sequence
(PRBS). This four channel payload of R,G,B and Ni system of LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite is quite similar with Landsat camera
standard as an earth observation satellite. This paper will describe about the modulation and demodulation simulation process of
the LAPAN-A3/IPB satellite data image by using HDRM.

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